About Male Cancers

CYB Thanks

MUG would like to thank the following who were involved with the CYB Campaign:

All the sportsmen:-

Ryan-Zico Black

Jason Winch

Luke Jones

Martin Yabsley

Ben Ferbrache

Ross Kneller

Stephen Adam

Ben Cormack

Andy Alford

Zak Dammarell

Andy Privet

Stuart Bisson

Gary Burgess from ITV Channel TV for presenting the film and giving his time and support to the film and for sharing his own testicular cancer story in the film and on the MUG website

Dan Collins for sharing his story in the film and on the MUG website.

S.H.A.R.E: Julie Duquemin, Sandra Leightley, Kate Corcoran for their educational efforts and the great work they do in schools.

Education Dept:  Alun Williams for his support and feedback.

Spike Productions for planning, scripting and making the educational film and Warren Mauger for approaching the sportsmen involved in the campaign and coordinating all the photography used in the campaign.

Simon Boucher-Harris of Renegade Photography for taking the pictures used in the campaign.

Tony Tostevin, Carly Howlett and Phil Reagan for the concepts, creative work on the Check Your Balls awareness campaign and media booking.

Owen Cole of the MSG for his medical advice and support of the campaign.

Legis Group for donating their Beau Sejour advertising site to the campaign for a month.

Everyone from the Guernsey Cricket Board, GFC and Guernsey's Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Rugby and Golf clubs for their support of the campaign.

Helen Benham for her work on the MUG website.

Nichole Sweetsur for all her hard work and energy in bringing the CYB launch together.