About MUG

How we spend the money raised

It is pleasing to note that funds raised by MUG have been spent wisely as detailed below:

1. £135,000 (over three years) for the Male Cancer Nurse for Guernsey;

2. £10,000 (circa) - Bladder Screener for use by Hospital;

3. £10,000 - 50/50 split with Pink Ladies on financing a cancer specific rehabilitation exercise program with specialist physics for 2013 and 2014;  

4. £20,000 - Budget to support Education Dept SHARE section re testicular cancer kits for each secondary school on the Island and a significant testicular cancer awareness programme underwritten;

5. £1,500 (circa) - Financing a GP Conference on March 9th 2013, organised by MSG consultants and attended by circa 80 to 100 GPs, with specialist MSG and UK based medical specialists attending and speaking;

6. £3,090 - Centrifuge;

7. £4,700 - Small -80°C freezer;

8. £6,000 on distinctive MUG cricket boxes for all Island Year 7-13 boys with educational literature to support   "Check your Balls" /Testicular Cancer Awareness: campaign;

9. £3,500 to support Macmillan Cancer Relief Hope Courses 2013 on the Island; 

10. £5,430 to the Health Promotion Unit to finance three courses run by Macmillan in Guernsey for 2014;

11. £10,000 on histopathology equipment;

12. £830 for 9 more sets of prosthetic testicles.

13. £1,475 on Sun Cream dispensers to be distrubuted throughout the Bailiwick Primary Schools.

14. £1,266 on a shelter for Bright Beginnings to provide shade to the nursery children.

For further details of the centrifuge and freezer please click here

MUG's first year accounts can be viewed, along with a statement of activities, by going to the 2012 Accounts page.