About MUG

How we spend the money raised

It is pleasing to note that funds raised by MUG have been spent wisely as detailed below:

1. £135,000 (over three years) for the Male Cancer Nurse for Guernsey;

2. £10,000 (circa) - Bladder Screener for use by Hospital;

3.  £10,000 - 50/50 split with Pink Ladies on financing a cancer specific rehabilitation exercise program with specialist physics for 2013 and 2014;  

4. £20,000 - Budget to support Education Dept SHARE section re testicular cancer kits for each secondary school on the Island and a significant testicular cancer awareness programme underwritten;

5. £1,500 (circa) - Financing a GP Conference on March 9th 2013, organised by MSG consultants and attended by circa 80 to 100 GPs, with specialist MSG and UK based medical specialists attending and speaking;

6. £3,090 - Centrifuge;

7. £4,700 - Small 80°C freezer;

8. £6,000 on distinctive MUG cricket boxes for all Island Year 7-13 boys with educational literature to support   "Check your Balls" /Testicular Cancer Awareness: campaign;

9. £3,500 to support Macmillan Cancer Relief Hope Courses 2013 on the Island; 

10. £5,430 to the Health Promotion Unit to finance three courses run by Macmillan in Guernsey for 2014;

11.  £10,000 on histopathology equipment; and

12. £830 for 9 more sets of prosthetic testicles.

For further details of the centrifuge and freezer please click here

MUG's first year accounts can be viewed, along with a statement of activities, by going to the 2012 Accounts page.