About MUG

Trevor Kelham Chairman

Trevor Kelham

Trevor is the Founder of MUG which he established in January 2012. Significantly affected by the loss of too many friends too early in their lives to the various forms of cancer MUG looks to educate and inform upon, Trevor was convinced that the need for proactivity rather than the usual male disease of procrastination was the significant factor which needed to be addressed.

Early medical examinations can and will save lives and Trevor is a passionate and driven ambassador of our worthy cause.  His mindset movement aspiration continues to gather momentum and he continues to be humbled by the level of support we receive from the Bailiwick Community.

Let's keep Grandfathers, Fathers, Uncles, Brothers, Sons, Friends and Work Colleagues alike alive and well and continue to support each other with the "Don't Sit On It Sort It ", Be A Real Mate Yeh (BARMY Army) and Need Attention Guys (NAG) initiatives.