‘This Is Y We Jump’ inspires youngsters to donate

‘This Is Y We Jump’ inspires youngsters to donate

Tuesday 2 August 2016

10-year-old Leah Batiste and 4-year-old Jack Watson made a donation to MUG after watching a special jump in memory of Lee Hope at this year's Harbour Carnival.

Both Leah and Jack took part in events at the Harbour Carnival and successfully won their races. Leah and her mother Linda Batiste won the stand up paddle board race as team, 'Chim Chiminee' and Jack was delighted to win the mini duck race. 

When presented with their cash prizes, the youngsters asked if they could donate some of their winnings to a local charity.

After watching the public tribute for 33-year-old Lee Hope, who passed away just 13 weeks after being diagnosed with bowel cancer, Leah decided to donate £20 to MUG and Jack also made a donation of £25.

Leah said: 'I thought it was a good idea to give some money back to the charity. I won it and they need it!'

Trevor Kelham, MUG chairman and council member, said he was touched by the thoughtful donations:

'It was fantastic to hear that our Man Takes Flight tribute for Lee inspired the younger generation. The level of support received was just amazing and we would like to thank Leah and Jack for their kind donations. It was a very special moment proving that every little really does count.'