A first for Guernsey’s cancer care, thanks to Male Uprising Guernsey.

Saturday 15 March 2014

A first for Guernsey's cancer care, thanks to Male Uprising Guernsey.

Guernsey's first Uro-Oncology Nurse specialist appointed.

A new healthcare post has been created and filled thanks to campaigning and financial support from Male Uprising Guernsey (MUG). A Uro-Oncology Nurse is due to start in this new role at Princess Elizabeth Hospital, providing much-needed support for male cancer patients.

The role of the Uro-Oncology Nurse will include helping male urological patients who are undergoing treatment for bladder, prostate and kidney cancers. Patients will have access to the specialist nurse through the diagnosis, treatment and recovery stages of their cancer care. This will include the provision of information and support as well as specialised nursing care in the form of assessment and treatments.

MUG's Council Member and Consultant Urologist, Mr Owen Cole, discussed the need for this new role with key health stakeholders and other charities including Prostate Cancer Guernsey. MUG has made a three-year commitment to provide the necessary funds for the post and believes that this new role will make a real difference to male cancer care in Guernsey.

An experienced urology nurse, Pierre Hervé, has been appointed into the role and he will work with the Consultant Urologist and other members of the cancer and palliative care teams to ensure the patients' needs for care are met. Pierre will also be responsible for improving services for people affected by urological cancer. This may be through clinical audit, surveys or questionnaires. He will also work with local cancer charities to ensure that service developments stay user focused.

'It is difficult to fully explain what a huge difference this will make to male cancer care and cancer prevention on-island. Pierre will be outstanding in this role and he is well known and hugely respected by various patient groups in Guernsey,' says Mr Owen Cole, Consultant Urologist and MUG Council Member. 

The Consultant Urologist undertook 560 oncology appointments in 2013. Although not all of these referrals will result in an appointment with the Uro-Oncology Nurse Specialist, this is an indication of the number of men who may be helped each year.

'This is a very proud day for MUG,' states Trevor Kelham, Male Uprising Guernsey's founder. 'We've been working on making this happen for some time. Confirming this new cancer care role has happened through the hard work of those involved and the generosity of those who have supported the charity. From people who put a few pounds into our collection tins to local businesses who support us in a larger way, every donation counts. We believe passionately that this appointment will help male cancer patients in their fight against the disease and we hope it will make a tangible difference to cancer care in Guernsey.'

 The Uro-Oncology Nurse Specialist will be based in the Princess Elizabeth Hospital, where he will see patients in an outpatient clinic room. Additionally he will see patients at the Medical Specialist Group (MSG) where the Consultant Urologist is based. He will also visit patients in hospital and in their homes, which will include nursing and residential homes, if appropriate.

Referrals to the Uro-oncology nurse specialist will mainly come from the MSG's Consultant Urologist. If appropriate, the patient's GP will refer them to the MSG for a specialist consultation with the Urologist and thereafter arrangements will be made for an appointment with the Uro-Oncology Nurse Specialist.

John Dempster from Prostate Cancer Guernsey comments: 'it is great news that we will have a specialist Uro-Oncology Nurse to help patients with prostate cancer. Some of the problems you face are not such that you want to bother the consultant yet they need an answer quickly. The nurse will enormously aid recovery.'