Friday 7 February 2014


Last night, less than two years after its inception, male cancer charity Male Uprising Guernsey (MUG) received a prestigious Guernsey Award for Achievement, in the Excellence in Marketing category. The awards recognize commercial excellence and MUG is the first charity, rather than business, to be given this honor.

The Excellence in Marketing award recognises the work the charity has done to raise awareness of male cancers on the island and paid tribute to the standout marketing campaigns the charity has run. 

The judges were impressed by MUG's Check Your Balls campaign, which saw the island's sports stars pose with just strategically placed balls to cover their modesty in a bid to drive home messages about testicular cancer. Print and ambient advertising, PR and social media were combined to maximize the impact of the campaign. The campaign also saw the charity make an educational film, which is used in secondary schools and is presented by ITV Channel Television's Gary Burgess. The Excellence in Marketing award has never been won by a charity before and demonstrates that the organization has taken a professional approach to driving their messages home in a busy charity landscape. 

Comments by the judges include:

  • MUG has achieved spectacular success in raising awareness of hugely important issues. The direct and humorous creative approach appears to have really caught the imagination of people in Guernsey.
  • MUG identified a clear gap in the market and has developed a strong and recognisable brand over a short space of time - the creative used is impactful, clear and consistent.
  • The use of local celebrities and spokespeople has been supremely successful.
  • There is clear evidence that MUG has a defined strategic focus into the long term "get checked" message through to investing in volunteers to support diagnosed males and their families through treatment.
    • The vision is very strong and there is a clear parallel with this and the overall marketing campaign approach taken in terms of the charity becoming the standout male cancer charity.

The award, which was presented by Justin Gale, will serve to fuel the charity's efforts for 2014 and beyond. The team is planning a campaign to highlight bowel cancer this year and has a number of fundraising and awareness events in place. The under-21 Muratti team will wear a special MUG blue kit for their match against Jersey in February and in autumn the second Dominium Fund MUG Mountain Bike Ride will take place. 

'Winning such a prestigious award puts a seal of approval on the work MUG has done to date,' states Trevor Kelham, founder of MUG. 'It recognizes the hard work the team has done and continues to do and we hope it will help to raise the charity's profile on the island so we can continue to meet our objectives.

'We have a lot of people and organisations to thank for our success,' says Trevor. 'MUG has been extremely fortunate in attracting so much help, in terms of financial assistance, time and expertise. The people of Guernsey are very generous and for that we are grateful.'