MUG asking men in Guernsey to BEARD UP in November


Monday 24 October 2016

Throw Away Your Razor

The annual event asks men to say goodbye to their razors for thirty days to support the treatment, prevention and education of male cancers, specifically prostate and testicular.

Past Fundraising Success Benefits Guernsey

In 2015, the campaign raised an incredible £40,000. This year MUG has continued to sponsor the CAN Move exercise classes for cancer patients, committed to supporting the SHARE classes in secondary schools for the next three years and implemented several health awareness campaigns.

The charity is also in its third year of paying for the specialist oncology nurse who provides support and care for male cancer patients in Guernsey.

In August 2016, John Mills, who has prostate cancer, cycled the length of Britain. The £24,000 sponsorship money he raised, together with funds from last year's Beard Up campaign has led to the purchase of a four-year license for a new radiology software tool, which will be used at Princess Elizabeth Hospital for cancer investigations.

Prostate Scanning Improvement

'The StageCRAFT software tool that MUG has funded will provide greater accuracy in staging cancers, transferring imaging reports to the UK if necessary and it will also enhance the quality of X-ray reports. It is a very important step forward in improving the speed and quality of on-island cancer patient care,' explains Owen Cole, the Medical Specialist Group's Consultant Urologist and MUG Council Member.

'We were amazed by the amount that was raised during last year's Beard Up. The funds went a very long way to support men of all ages here in Guernsey and being able to have the new MRI software reduces the need to go off the island for testing.  This should help to minimise the time that islanders wait for results and treatment programmes,' says Trevor Kelham, Chairman and Council Member of MUG.