Bowel Cancer Screening Resumes

Tuesday 6 September 2016

In July 2016 the Office of the Committee for Health & Social care took the difficult decision to suspend the Bowel Cancer Screening programme due to the lack of on Island capacity.

Since July staff have worked tirelessly to secure an alternative consultant whilst assessing the benefit of other screening options.

Today Health & Social Care are delighted to announce that they have successfully secured a partnership with The Aberdeen Clinic to supply a bowel cancer screening service for the remainder of 2016 while the future service for 2017 onwards is fully evaluated. This partnership is being funded using the money that was ring-fenced for bowel cancer screening. The cost is comparable to having a specialist on-Island.

The Clinical Director and the Lead Endoscopy Nurse from the clinic, together with Health & Social Care staff, will re-instate the previous service and undertake bowel screening once a month over a full weekend period. This will reinstate the previous volume of activity. The first clinic will take place over the weekend commencing 16 September 2016.

Deputy Heidi Soulsby, President said:

'In addition to this exciting news, the Committee for Health & Social Care will be taking a policy letter to the Assembly to request that the restriction imposed on the Committee by a resolution of the States dated 9 December 2015, regarding the type of screening provided, be removed.

Whilst I fully support the ring fencing of funding for this important screening programme, I am concerned that the Requete ties our hands and means we are unable to respond to changes in science and medicine.'

In the first instance, all patients on a waiting list who have had a pre-screening appointment will be the first to be contacted by Health & Social Care staff over the next couple of weeks.