CanMove Half-Year Report

Tuesday 19 February 2013

CanMove has been running for 2 hours every Friday since 13th of July 2012 and is now in it's 7th month.

In total, there have been 21 clients with one awaiting screening and two were screened but have opted to attend at a later date due to medical reasons. Of the 18 participants who have attended more than one visit 

  • 11 are currently ongoing 
  • One additional joining next week 
  • 7 who are no longer attending 
  •  3 have returned to work 
  •  1 ceased due to increase in family commitments 
  •  1 ceased after 15 sessions 
  •  1 ceased after 12 sessions 
  •  1 ceased after 13 sessions 

In comparison, a programme started in the greater Glasgow region, where there are over 3000 annual diagnoses are made, achieved 75 referrals in the same period (2.5% of referrals). As opposed to CanMove achieving 9% of 225 referrals to Bulstrode. As awareness increases, it is hoped that this percentage will increase significantly. 

There have been no reported adverse or serious adverse events reported. 

Twelve thousand six hundred pounds of financial support has been raised, with Pink Ladies Breast Cancer Guernsey and MUG each donating £5000. Private donations of £2500 and £100 have been received from a CanMove clients. 

The £12,600 donated to sessions, is expected to ensure funding until September 2012. Currently £4,800 of this £12,600 has been allocated and we expect to deliver the programme on budget. 

There will be a slight increase in weekly cost over the remaining 5 months of the year, due to increasing numbers of clients in the Friday sessions, new clients will be screened at a separate time from the classes. This allows the advise to be more tailored to the their needs. 

Additional support has been provided by the Medical Specialist Group and the Centre for Modern Medicine with the provision of admin support and materials, and Betley Whitehorne who have designed a poster to advertise the sessions at Beau Sejour, medical facilities and the PEH. 

Currently there is continued effort to achieve funding from the private sector and to arrange specific fundraising activities that will direct funds to the supporting charities named previously. 

CanMove has also had a good reception from local charities who have welcomed presentations that have helped increase its exposure, which will in turn make CanMove more attractive to corporate sponsors. Presentations have included: 

  •  Bright tights day keynote speaker (gynaecological cancers) 
  •  Guernsey Society for Cancer Relief 
  •  Prostate Cancer Guernsey (x2) 
  •  Men's Health Day on 9 March 2013 
  •  Central South Coast Cancer Network Conference on 13 March 2013 

CanMove has also had a positive reception from the local media and has featured on the following: 

  • BBC radio interview with JKT 
  • BBC news broadcast 
  • ITV news broadcast 
  • Centre pages of Guernsey Press with a Bright Tights day feature 
  • Three further Guernsey Press articles amounting to 18 column inches 

Twitter, Facebook and Blog accounts have all been set up to provide informational support to CanMove clients (details on next page). 

There has been interest in providing a similar programme to include patients who live on other islands in the Bailiwick. It is planned that a patient from Herm will be screened and then provided a programme and followed up by telephone. This client will also attend the Friday sessions when possible. A medical practice and a local resident in Alderney are looking at funding a programme for patients on their island or at least a seminar and screening day. There has also been interest from health care practitioners in Jersey ,who will be meeting with me later this year with the aim of setting up a similar programme. The off Guernsey programmes will all be funded by their local charities. 

Other plans include ways of introducing patients to exercise while on the ward. This may be done as a research project and the hope is to increase uptake and awareness of the benefits of exercise. 

In summary, the programme has been a great success, is on budget, has had good uptake, is well received and supported by the oncology team, and more importantly has had great feedback from the participants. 

What the clients say: 

'Three sessions of chemotherapy over 6 years had left me very much under the weather: fatigued, breathless, always cold and with poor motivation. A few months of exercise with CanMove and Gareth have improved the quality of my life enormously. Physically I am stronger, warm, not so breathless and able to organise my life normally. I can't praise this course enough.' SL 

"Having been through rigorous treatment for breast cancer and started my recovery, I was a little apprehensive about exercising with strangers given low expectation of what I would be able to achieve compared to what I had been capable of in the past. My first contact with Gareth put me at ease instantly. He was very welcoming and supportive and I knew instantly that he understood the specific impact my treatment had had on my body. 

The class enables me to exercise in a safe, controlled environment and has given me an exercise regime that I can confidently continue at home. There is a difference between what we think we are capable of and what we are actually capable of and Gareth has encouraged me to push myself further than I would have been confident to do on my own. 

The class is proving to be a huge boost to my recovery and enables me to exercise and socialise with others who have been through similar medical experiences. Additionally, it is not just about the exercise but also the health talks and chats over coffee afterwards that help boost the mental wellbeing." PT 

"Can Move removes the fear one feels of not doing an exercise correctly. The weekly session gives you more confidence and awareness that there are more people like you who really want to move on and become closer to the person you used to be before surgery. The information you receive regarding ways to develop your mental, emotional and physical approach to help you improve health and fitness is also a very important part of the whole structure". TM 

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