Dan and John take one small step

Wednesday 31 July 2013

Dan Collins one of Male Uprising Guernsey's council members and his 'wingman' John Tostevin will take flight at this year's Harbour Carnival as part of the Man Powered Flight event.

Dan and John will be donning specially made MUG blue morph suits and their trusty flying machines consist of eight foot wings constructed in the shape of MUG's signature blue moustaches. Like their fellow 'birdmen', Dan and John will leap off a platform constructed over the harbour and attempt flight, all in the name of raising awareness of MUG's male cancer message.

'Much of Male Uprising Guernsey's time and effort is spent on raising awareness of male cancers and promoting a 'get checked' message. The Harbour Carnival is always a popular event on the Island and the Man Powered Flight event attracts a good crowd. It's a great opportunity for us to spread our message,'commented Dan who is optimistic but more than a little nervous about his maiden flight.' As someone who has been affected by testicular cancer I am prepared to put aside my trepidation and take a leap of faith, if it means just one Guernsey man gets a health concern checked quickly at the doctors, then it's all worth it.'

The MUG moustache inspired wings have been carefully designed for maximum lift. Emblazoned with the message 'Join the MUG's, Get Checked'.

Weather conditions for the Harbour Carnival currently look favourable for the human with only a light westerly wind predicted.

Island Print Solutions are constructing the wings, which have been designed by The Partnership Agency's top aeronautical expert. Dan and John have been in intensive training for their maiden voyage for some months and both feel in top condition. As Trevor Kelham, MUG's founder comments: 'This is a great way to spread MUG's male cancer message and in John and Dan we trust.'

Man Powered Flight: from 9pm, Friday 9th August 2013.