Islanders #BeardUp their Fundraising Efforts for Male Uprising Guernsey

Islanders #BeardUp their Fundraising Efforts for Male Uprising Guernsey

Wednesday 6 December 2017

MUGs' #BeardUp campaign raised over £17,000.00 for the charity as men across the Bailiwick stopped shaving for November.

The annual event, which is in its third year, asked men to grow a beard for thirty days to support ongoing costs for local prostate cancer diagnosis.

Last year, the initiative funded cutting-edge scanning technology, which means that local patients can be diagnosed much faster on island.

All of the money raised by MUG stays on the island with funds from this year's #BeardUp campaign going towards enhancing and maintaining this scanning technology in the longer term.

The charity is also supporting the new Men's Shed initiative, a place where men can find support and get involved in community projects.

The charity has thanked everyone who supported this initiative and has praised fundraiser Barry Samson. Last year, Mr Samson got behind the campaign by collecting funds. This year he was asked to become an official fundraiser and collected £2,419.00. 

Many businesses have also supported the campaign including Asset Risk Consultants (ARC) who took an unusual approach to the event and raised over £2,000 with more funds coming in.

Graham Harrison, Co-Founder and Group Managing Director of Asset Risk Consultants (ARC), and self-confessed pogonophobic challenged his colleague, Jonny Gamble, a Director at ARC, to shave off his renowned beard and in return, Mr Harrison offered to grow a beard for the month.

They kicked off the month in style with Mr Gamble receiving an expert wet shave in front of his colleagues from local barber James Bransford, who kindly donated half of his fee to the cause. 

The month has been a personal challenge for both men; it has been five years since Mr Gamble last shaved and Mr Harrison has never grown a beard due to his dislike of facial hair.

'ARC is always keen to support island charity initiatives and are pleased that our challenges have helped to raise awareness of such an important cause. I've enjoyed having a break from my beard, but I'll look forward to having it back again,' said Mr Gamble.

Mr Harrison added: 'I have an inherent dislike of beards, so the month has been quite a challenge for me. However, it's been great to get behind MUG and I've enjoyed seeing Jonny's face for the first time!'

Dan Collins, Chairman of MUG, said: 'Every year we're astounded by how many men get behind Beard Up - it's just fantastic to have so much support across the island for such an important cause. 

'Prostate cancer is the island's number one cause of cancer death and is the second most common cancer on the island. The money raised will go towards maintaining the vital equipment needed to diagnose prostate cancer.

'We're grateful for the incredible fundraising efforts by people like Barry, Graham and Jonny.'