Men - Protect Your Assets

Friday 7 June 2013

Male Uprising Guernsey has joined forces with the Guernsey Cricket Board to provide every secondary school boy in Guernsey with a free cricket box. This vital piece of sports kit is a must-have to protect 'sensitive parts' from the hard cricket ball and MUG has created a special version to highlight their male cancer message.

Male Uprising Guernsey has made 2013 the year to tackle testicular cancer and because this disease affects younger men - between the ages of 15 and 44 - this outreach to young people in Guernsey has particular resonance.

The cricket boxes have been made in MUG blue with the charity's logo visible on the front. MUG is keen to spread the message about seeing the doctor as quickly as possible, because with a swift diagnosis the prognosis for testicular cancer is good.

Mark Latter, CEO of the Guernsey Cricket Board has been instrumental in getting the idea of MUG's cricket boxes off the ground and has coordinated their order and delivery to the island. 'We're behind MUG every step of the way,'Mark explains, 'The men of Guernsey deserve the best health outcomes and the first step in achieving that is raising awareness of health issues such as testicular cancer.'

Dan Collins, a MUG Council Member knows only too well how important this message is: 'Having myself recovered from testicular cancer this is a project I am very passionate about. Testicular cancer can have a good outcome but it's all down to regular checking and getting to the doctor early. Male Uprising Guernsey looks at different ways to engage with men on the island and promote the 'get checked' message. This is just one of a number of initiatives that we are rolling out in the coming months.'

The new MUG cricket boxes will be launched on 8th June at a T20 cricket match at the Rovers cricket pitch, Port Soif that will see a strong States School Select XI pitted against a MUG Invitational XI. MUG's team will include representatives from the charity as well as Nic Pothas, an ex professional player; Ross Kneller, Guernsey cricket's most valuable player at the GPL T20 auction; Adie Peacegood from Guernsey hockey; Blair Campbell - the GRFU captain; Rob Moore from Channel TV and Jon Ravenscroft. The players have generously given their time for free to help the charity and the teams will wear the new MUG cricket boxes to help boost awareness of the 'get checked' message. 

The 8th June will also see the final of the Clydesdale International Bank GPL T20 series. The teams, which are decided via a player auction, are joined by three cricket professionals - Will Beer from Sussex, Dimi Mascarenhas from Hampshire and Darren Maddy from Warwickshire. The day promises to be packed with cricketing action as well as being an important fund-raiser for MUG.

Not to be left out, teams from Deloitte Guernsey and Appleby tested their cricket prowess at a charity match on the 30th May to help raise funds to cover the cost of the 5000 cricket boxes that have been ordered. Gavin Ferguson from Appleby and a MUG Council Member explains why they were keen to back this initiative: 'Appleby are already involved with youth cricket in Guernsey and we didn't need to be asked twice to help supply young men with this important bit of kit. No doubt the game against Deloitte Guernsey will not match the standard of the action on the 8th June but we are sure it will be entertaining for all involved.'

Match times:

10.00am - MUG Invitational XI vs. State Schools Select XI

12.30pm - Lunch - by invitation only

3.00pm - Final of the Clydesdale International Bank GPL T20