Male Uprising Guernsey funds education equipment for schools

MUG Funds Education Equipment for Schools

Wednesday 20 February 2013

Male cancer charity, Male Uprising Guernsey (MUG) has funded the purchase of nine sets of Testicular Self-Examination Models for use in the Bailiwick's schools. The Sexual Health And Relationships Education department teaches Year 11 boys about testicular cancer and how to check for lumps and other abnormalities.

The models are also taken to parent evenings to help reinforce the messages about self-examination. Having the extra models means that they can be shared between 2 - 3 boys who can take their time with the examination exercise. Having more models also gives the team more flexibility when arranging lessons as more than one class can be taught at one time.

All secondary schools, including St Anne's in Alderney receive a visit from the SHARE team to discuss testicular cancer, which is more common amongst younger men aged between 15 - 35 years. Alun Williams, The Life Learning Manager with the Education Department explains why these models are vital: 'Teaching our young men about testicular cancer is a potentially lifesaving exercise. If caught early, this disease has a high recovery rate, so it's important young men take self-examination seriously.'

Dan Collins, a MUG Council Member agrees: 'Having myself recovered from testicular cancer this is a project I am very passionate about. Testicular cancer can have a good outcome but it's all down to regular checking and getting to the doctor early. Male Uprising Guernsey is proud to support these education efforts and we hope it will make a small difference in the fight against testicular cancer on the island.'