MUG Mountain Bike Tour of Guernsey - Stage 1 Results

Monday 15 July 2013

Stage 1 of the MUG Mountain Bike Tour of Guernsey, which was a cross country, was held in the sun on Sunday 14 July 2013.

1st Geoff Gibson
2nd James Harrison
3rd Gary Robert
4th Stuart Wallbridge
5th Ben Walden
6th Leon Ogier

1st Chris Le page (single speed)
2nd Pete Miller (single speed)
3rd Dan Thwaite
4th Hannah English
5th Mark Smith
6th Peter Levy
7th Jon Beck
8th Steve James (single speed)
9th Rollo de Sausmarez
10th Theo Kretschmer
11th Alex Clark

Fun novice
1st Mark Coutanche
2nd Stephen Le Ray

1st Charlotte Le Lievre
2nd Justeen Baker

Under 16
1st Jake Billinghirst

Under 14
1st Sam Culverwell
2nd Alex van Katwyk
3rd Brad Vaudin
4th Ben Miles
5th Tom Stapley
6th Jack Le Tissier
7th Tom Stables
8th George Symons
9th William Le Ray
10th Joshua Langmead

Under 12
1st Joe Le Cheminant
2nd Jake Girard