MUG Mountain Bike Tour of Guernsey - Stage 5 Update

MUG Mountain Bike Tour of Guernsey - Stage 5 update

Saturday 20 July 2013

Stage 5 of the MUG Mountain Bike Tour of Guernsey took place on Friday evening at the Motocross track at Pleinmont in the a 4 cross format.

4 cross is a series of very short sprint races with heats determining the finishing positions. 

The dry and dusty motocross track proved challenging for some riders and the fast, short race format suited some more than others. 

For the first time this week there were some changes in the blue jersey wearers with Adrian Vaudin taking the jersey from Dave English in the veterans category and Brad Vaudin replacing Sam Culverwell at the top of the Under 12 table.

Saturday's stage is a Time Trial at Chouet starting at 6.30pm.

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