Tuesday 17 May 2016

Tri it for MUG

Guernsey guys are being urged to Try-A-Tri for Male Uprising Guernsey.

125 ladies completed their first triathlon in October 2015. The triathlon novices embraced the spirit of the event and swam, cycled and ran under the guidance of Get Fit Guernsey, and the organisers are now challenging men to have a go.

'Now it's the guys' turn,' says Maddy Dilligent, owner of Get Fit Guernsey. 'We always partner with a charity for our events and Male Uprising Guernsey was the obvious choice for our first men's triathlon.'

The Try-a-Tri Guys event will be held on Sunday 12th June. The event is part of the wider Get Fit Guernsey Try-a-Tri series which is sponsored by Trust Corporation International and will comprise of a 400-metre swim across Pembroke Bay, a 10-kilometre bike ride from the transition zone at Pembroke to Bordeaux and back before competitors finish with a 2.5-kilometre run along the coast.

Ms Diligent explains: 'We wanted to put something on for the guys who watched their wives, girlfriends and family achieve something special last year and were curious to see if they too could do it.' 

Get Fit Guernsey is hoping to attract up to 100 novice men to attempt the challenge and join in group training sessions which are aimed at preparing people of all abilities to complete their first triathlon. 


Laura Fry, Get Fit Guernsey's Triathlon Coach, says: 'The word "triathlon" conjures up images of the super fit, super committed and those with the money to invest in the best gear. Through Try-a-Tri, we want to give more people the opportunity to experience the benefits and enjoyment of taking part in a triathlon, regardless of age, ability or equipment.'

Trevor Kelham, Founder of Male Uprising Guernsey, comments: 'We are very grateful to Get Fit Guernsey for supporting the charity with this event. A percentage of entry fees and sales of their training programmes will be donated to the charity, but just as important to us is raising awareness of male cancers. The challenge also encourages men of all ages to take part in a healthy activity. We know that being active, maintaining a healthy weight and eating well helps to prevent some cancers, so we applaud Get Fit Guernsey's initiative.'

Try-a-Tri Guys will take place at Pembroke Bay at 8am on 12th June. Those interested are urged to sign up by visiting the Try-a-Tri Facebook group page or