Friday 8 January 2016

Giving up alcohol for the month of January could help you reduce you liver fat, lower your cholesterol, help you lose weight and improve your sleep and energy levels. The Guernsey Drug and Alcohol Strategy are working with the Health Promotion Unit and Alcohol Concern to encourage as many local people as possible to sign up for Dry January, cut out the booze for a month and improve their health and save some money.

Andrea Nightingale, Drug and Alcohol Strategy Co-Ordinator explains: 'Two million people across the United Kingdom didn't drink alcohol last January and we'd like to see how many of us can take on the challenge in Guernsey. You can join the challenge by logging onto the Alcohol Concern website and signing up. You will then recieve helpful tips and information about the challenge and be counted in the campaign.

'Islanders can either take on the challenge for themselves or add extra incentive and do it for charity. The website gives you the chance to donate directly to Alcohol Concern or you can raise money for your chosen charity through There is also the option to complete a pre and post challenge questionnaire. We'd encourage people to fill this out as it will provide more incentive to keep away from the temptation and the results will provide important information to help us tailor the campaign in the future.'

Previous campaigns have shown that participants feel healthier, more positive, save money and even lose weight after taking the challenge. Di Mathews, Health Promotion Officer for Cancer Prevention says: 'The evaluations from the UK campaigns have shown that people not only feel physically healthier after kicking the booze for a month but they also feel more positive and capable of changing their drinking habits for the rest of the year.

'Of course, the health benefits need to be viewed in context, replacing alcohol with high sugar and high calorie drinks will not lead to weight loss. We'd advise limiting sugar based and sweetened drinks if you are hoping to use the month to lose weight and opting for water as often as possible.'

Kevin Moore, consultant in liver health services at the University of London Medial School said: 'Stopping drinking for a month alters liver fat, cholesterol and blood sugar and helps people lose weight, if someone had a health product that did all that in one month, they would be raking it in.'

Why not give your liver a holiday and take on the challenge? Sign up today at If you'd like more information about sensible drinking contact Di Mathews at the Health Promotion Unit at or call 707311.