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The focus of Male Uprising Guernsey (MUG) is to increase awareness and promote education around the symptoms and treatment of prostate, bowel and testicular cancers.

Funds raised are also used to improve the diagnosis and care of local men suffering with male cancers.

Male Uprising Guernsey aims to get men, whatever their age, to be more confident, outgoing and questioning of their health symptoms. Most importantly, we encourage men to seek medical advice and assistance at the earliest opportunity  - as procrastination or delays can have deadly consequences.


Latest News

10KM Y-Front Fun Run

MUG and This is Epic charities have joined forces to organise a fun run with a difference.

Next MUG Event


Tri it for MUG. Guernsey guys are being urged to Try-A-Tri for Male Uprising Guernsey.

How we spend the money raised

Discover how the money you've help us raise has been spent so far.

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We couldn't do it without your generosity and support.