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Three Charities Grow Together

Take care of nature as well as our bodies

Three Charities Grow Together

MUG adopted ‘The Mound’ at Salarie Corner eight years ago identifying its shape as symbolic of a lump or growth which should be checked out.   Under the guidance of the international horticulturalist Raymond Evison OBE, and with the help of several agencies, The Mound was transformed to bring the countryside and nature to an otherwise bleak landscape. 


MUG aims to see The Mound as a permanent reminder that we should take care of the precious nature around us as well as our own bodies. We are pleased that three charities have come together to plant over 200 indigenous plants, which will help to reinforce our message and raise awareness of male cancers.

- Ian Brown, MUG’s Honorary Patron



The Mound, is planted with heritage daffodils and bluebells, flowering during the spring, with other native plant species including Oxeye daisies flowering later in the year until the autumn. Oak trees provide habitats for birds while insects, butterflies, moths and small mammals like shrews, mice and even rabbits can also be seen inhabiting the area.

'This is an ideal location to grow plants from the “Grow Guernsey Natives” range which La Société Guernesiaise introduced last year to help preserve the island’s native plants species’ said Mr Evison who led the initiative.  ‘The Bailiwick has over 160 plant species considered rare in the British Isles, over 30 of them found in less than 25 locations.  It is vital to do all we can to secure the future of these plant species and by using them in a high profile location like this we hope to encourage their use in gardens throughout the island.


On Wednesday (22nd February) His Excellency, the Lieutenant-Governor, Lieutenant General Richard Cripwell, joined Crew members from the charity GROW along with Chris, Ian, Dan, Henry and Tony from MUG while they plant up the mound with native species, including Wild Clary, Sea Campion and Oxeye Daisy.

The plants were provided by Grow Guernsey, from their Natives range which are grown on and sold by GROW Ltd from their temporary site at Avondale Vinery.  



Images kindly provided by Chris George -


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