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Male Uprising In Guernsey (MUG) was originally established in February 2012 as a Charitable Trust. In January 2013 MUG became the first Guernsey Foundation to be registered and its aims continue to increase awareness of male cancers and to help those who are affected by prostate, bowel and testicular cancer.

MUG was the idea of Trevor Kelham who was motivated by the personal loss of too many family members and friends too early in their lives to male cancer.

In 2012 Trevor, Tony Tostevin, Gavin Ferguson and Ian Brown came together to create MUG as a Guernsey charity. It became Guernsey's first Registered Foundation in 2013 and continues as such with the current council comprising Tony Tostevin Director of TPA, Dan Collins Managing Director of Qualis Ltd, Owen Cole Consultant Urologist to The Medical Specialist Group, Michael Richards and Chris Walker.  Gavin Ferguson, Partner with Ogier, is the Guardian to the Foundation.

The Foundation Council is assisted by a fund raising committee which comprises Ian Brown, Henry Simpson and others who share the goal of raising awareness of male cancers and urging Bailiwick men to get tested and treated earlier.

MUG's Patron and Honorary Patron respectively are Roger Allsopp OBE, and Ian Brown.

In order to help Guernsey males worried or afflicted by prostatebowel and testicular cancer, MUG's intial aim was to raise (1) general awareness of these male cancers and (2) the sum of £250,000 over the first three years; an ambitious goal which was smashed. So far, MUG has managed to raise £1,000,000.

The education and awareness campaign is centered on proactivity and to motivate men, whatever their age, to be more assertive, responsive and questioning of their symptoms or concerns. They should seek medical advice at the earliest possible juncture instead of procrastinating - which can have deadly consequences.

The funds raised are used to help those Bailiwick men afflicted by cancer (and their families). Details of how MUG spends monies raised can be found on the 'how we spend the money' page.

To raise awareness and funds to meet our objectives we run a number of ad hoc initiatives and several annual events including the MUG bike ride, MUG Bermuda shorts week and MUG Beard up.  See our Events page for more details and Become a Friend of MUG.


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