How The Money Gets Spent

It is pleasing to note that funds raised by MUG have been spent wisely as detailed below:

MUG has raised over £1,000,000 since launch.

MUG has supported medical equipment and training, cancer awareness and education and youth sports initiatives. 

Medical training equipment

  • £166,500 (so far) for the Male Cancer Nurse for Guernsey;
  • £12,862 - New cancer nurse training courses,
  • £8,000 (circa) - Bladder Screener for use by Hospital;
  • £10,000 - 50/50 split with Pink Ladies on financing a cancer specific rehabilitation exercise program with specialist physics for 2013 and 2014;  
  • £20,000 - Budget to support Education Dept SHARE section re testicular cancer kits for each secondary school on the Island and a significant testicular cancer awareness programme underwritten;
  • £3,000(circa) - Financing a GP Conference, organised by MSG consultants and attended by circa 80 to 100 GPs, with specialist MSG and UK based medical specialists attending and speaking;
  • £3,090 - Centrifuge;
  • £4,700 - Small -80°C freezer;
  • £40,000 - Guernsey research funding for prostate cancer;
  • £15,000 State of the art prostate cancer screening equipment and yearly enhancements to software including £7,500 annual licence fee;

Sports initiatives

  • £6,000 on distinctive MUG cricket boxes for all Island Year 7-13 boys with educational literature to support   "Check your Balls" /Testicular Cancer Awareness: campaign;
  • £6,500 on Junior Golf (grass roots initiative to get children involved, and funraise;
  • £5,000 on Junior Rugby (grass roots initiative to get children involved, and funraise;
  • £3,000 on Junior Cricket (grass roots initiative to get children involved, and funraise;
  • £3,000 on Junior Football (grass roots initiative to get children involved, and funraise;
  • £5,000 on Junior Basketball (grass roots initiative to get children involved, and funraise; 
  • £3,500 to support Macmillan Cancer Relief Hope Courses 2013 on the Island; 

Cancer awareness education

  • £5,430 to the Health Promotion Unit to finance three courses run by Macmillan in Guernsey for 2014;
  • £10,000 on histopathology equipment;
  • £830 for 9 more sets of prosthetic testicles;
  • £2,500 on Sun Cream dispensers to be distrubuted throughout the Bailiwick Primary Schools;
  • £1,266 on a shelter for Bright Beginnings to provide shade to the nursery children;
  • £25,000 Gareth Corbett CanMove programme;
  • £37,843 - Educational, assistance with school cancer lessions;
  • £11,000 - MUG Mound at Salarie Corner.

Awareness Campaigns

  • £10,990 - Check Your Balls Awareness Campaign;
  • £18,963 - Bowel Cancer Awareness Campaign;
  • £33,902 - Skin Cancer Awareness Campaign;
  • £28,976 - Promotional merchandise to give to children. Hoodies, t-shirts, mugs.  All of which can be purchased as well;
  • £10,322 - Bike ride costs x 2;
  • £9,400 - Golf Days;
  • £29,872 - Beard Up Awareness Campaigns x 3;
  • £12,620 - Bermuda Shorts Week Campaigns

Mental Health

  • £12,000 - Manshed;

THANK YOU to all the kind people and organisations who have supported and donated to Male Uprising Guernsey over the years.

All contributors are alphabetically listed below in order of first name, title or company name.


Ana Leaf Foundation
2013 CI Lottery
9th Sea Scouts
Aaron Bailey
ABN Amro
Admiral Charity Cards
AFR Advocates
Alan Benham
Alex Bridle
Alex Ward
Amanda Simmons
Anders Riddle
Andy Alford
Andy and Laura Graham
Andy Hislop
Andy Perkins
Andy Privet
Andy Ricketts
Andy Stewart
Andy Willcocks
Association of Guernsey Charities


Bachmann HR
BBC Radio Guernsey
Beau Sejour
Bella Luce Hotel
Ben Cormack
Ben Ferbrache
Bonnie Lehr
Brian & Catherine Webster and all at GATE
Brooks Macdonald


Canaccord Genuity Wealth (International) Ltd
Cannon Asset Management Limited
Carly Howlett
Cathy Perkins
Charities Aid Foundation
Charles Billson
Charlie McHugh
Cherry Godfrey
Chiropractic and Massage Clinic
Chris Blin
Chris Walker
Cleland & Co
Clinton Milliard
Clive Fenner and Steve Powell at Norman Piette
Clive Maides
Collas Crill Trust
Collenette Jones
Constables of Vale. St Sampsons and Castel
Courtney Loveridge
Credit Suisse Guernsey
CT Plus
Culture & Leisure


Dame Mary and Doug Perkins
Dan Hyde
Dan le Huray
Dave Anderson
Dave Baker
Dave Henderson
David Earl
David Hooper
David Piesing and Guernsey Cricket Board
Deena Davidson & friends
Deputy Kevin Stewart
Di Mathews
Dominic Bennett
Dominic Heaume
Dominion Fund Management
Douglas Goater
Dr Dean Patterson
Dr Hamish Duncan
Dr Samantha Larkin
Duncan Spence


Easy Fundraising
Education Department
Elizabeth College
Emile Heskey
Epic Challenges
Event Guernsey


Fiona Cooke and the A&E Team at PEH
First Names - Bermuda Shorts week
Fletcher Sports
FNB International Trustees Limited
Friends of Fermain Tavern
Full Bore Motorcycle Club (Guernsey)


Garry Adams
Gary Burgess
GBG Magazine
Gentoo Fund Services Limited
Geoff Meagher and L'Ancresse Golf Club
George Domaille and L'Ancresse Commons Council
George Hartley
Glenn Brehaut
Glenn Brehaut and friends from Cornerstones Pub
Guernsey Automobile Club
Guernsey Badminton Association
Guernsey Clematis
Guernsey Cricket Board
Guernsey Dinner Boxing
Guernsey Financial Services Commission Sports & Social Club
Guernsey Fire & Rescue Service
Guernsey Football Association
Guernsey Football Club
Guernsey Golf School
Guernsey Hockey
Guernsey Income Tax Office
Guernsey Press
Guernsey Riding & Hunt Club
Guernsey Rugby Academy
Guernsey Scouts
Guernsey Squash
Guernsey SUP
Guernsey Tennis
Guernsey Velo Club


Hayley Du Putron
Helen Benham
Heritage Group
HSBC Private Bank


Ian Brown Cycles
Ian Wood
Ideal Furnishings
In memory of Mr Arthur Trump
In memory of Neville Duquemin
In memory of Mr Michael Gillmore
Indoor Cricket Guernsey
Insurance Corporation of the Channel Islands
Intertrust Guernsey
IPES Trustees
Island FM
Island Lock & Safe
Islands Insurance


Jack Watson
Jackie Gaudion
Jacob Fitch
Jaine, Chris & Simon Vermeulen
James Bentley
James Hamon
Jamie Blondel
Jamie Le Tissier
Jan Dockerill and Marco Tresigni
Jason Shamrock
Jason Winch
Jay Aylmer and Teenage Cancer Trust
Jenny Kendall Tobias
Jersey Football Association
Jess Bisson / Sure CW
Jess Rowe
Jim Cathcart
Joe Moriarty
John Burley
John De Garis
John Dempster
John Ramplin Charitable Trust
John Mills
John Randall
Jon Guilbert
Jon Ravenscroft
Jos Ensink
Josh Gosselin
JTC Group
Julian Bailey
Julie Duquemin & SHARE
JW Rihoy


Karen Michel
Karl Fowler
Karl Pilkington
Keith Envoldsen
Keith Gallienne
Keith Le Parmenter
Kelvin Seeds
Ken Davey


La Fregate Hotel
La Grande Mare Golf Club
Ladies' College
Lagan Construction
L'Ancresse Golf Club & Club Captain Alan Mahy
Laurie Slimm
Leah & Linda Batiste
Le Murier School
Lee Merrien
Legis Group
Leigh Taylor
Les Bourgs Hospice
Les Cotils
Lions Club of Guernsey
Lloyds Bank Guernsey
LLoyds TSB Guernsey
Louis Tostevin
Louise Gabriel
Louvre Group
Lovell Ozanne
Luke Jones
Luke O'Donnell
Luke Wheadon
Lynne Kendal-Falla & Bijoux Boutique


Manzur Asghar
Mark Cavendish MBE
Mark Chasey
Mark Ogier
Mark Savage
Mark Smith
Martel Madies
Martin Belcher
Martin Yabsley
Martine from The Beauty Room - Tramps
Matt Buckley
Matt Fallaize
Matt Watson
Max Carling
Medical Specialist Group
Mich Chart and Ambulance & Rescue Service
Mick Peet from the Fermain Tavern and Barra Convenience Store
Mike Collenette
Mike Le Huray
Mike O'Hara
Mike Prince
Miles Dobson
Mr & Mrs Bailey
Mr & Mrs Robilliard
Mr Henrik Steinbrecher
Mr John Lemberger
Mr Michael Van Den Bossche
Mr Mo Hall
Mr R Blanchford
Mr Ranjan Vhadra
Mrs J Gaudion


NatWest Bank
Natalie Davidson
Ned Boulting
Ned Group Trust Guernsey
Neil Hoolahan
Nerine Trust
Network Insurance
New Look Guernsey
Nichole Sweetsur
Nick Bachmann
Nick Dove
Nick Graham
Nick Gregg
Nick Le Huray
Nicky Jenkins
Norman Piette


Oak Trust (Guernsey) Limited
Olliver Le Tissier
Opus Media
Orangefield / Legis
Orlando Abreu


P Blatchford
Patrons of the Drunken Duck public house
Paul Gosling
Peter Bowker
Peter Head
Peter Le Vallois
Phillipa Stahelin and all at Headway Guernsey
Pierce Rogan
Premier Images
Professor Paul Townsend
Prostate Cancer Guernsey (formerly the Orchidians)


Ravenscroft Group
Rawlinson & Hunter
Ray Redelinghuys
Raymond Evison OBE
RG Falla
Richard & Lisa Vahey
Richard Garvie
Richard Heaume
Richard Le Marquand
Richard Sherringon, NP Group (Norman Piette and associated companies)
Richmond Fiduciary Group
Rick Ogier
Ride Across Britain Team 2012 (Richard Le Tocq, Hugh Tabel, Guy Ellis, John Clacy, Jos Ensink, Dave Preston, Mike Culverwell, Adam Hart and Andreas Tautscher)
Rob Vaudin
Robin Penna
Robin Smith
Roger Allsopp OBE
In Memory or Roger Robilliard
Ross Kneller
Rothschild Bank International Limited
Rothschild Trust
Royal Bank of Canada
Royal Guernsey Golf Club
Russell Le Conte
Ryan Heaume
Ryan Zico-Black


Saffrey Champness
Saffrey Champness Sports & Social Club
Sally Dowington
Salvatore and Saumarez Park Tea Rooms
Sara Woolland
Sarnia Estate Agents
Savannah Collins
Schroders (C.I.) Limited
Scott Brehaut
Sergeant John Tostevin
Shane Rosamund
Sheila & Robert Benstead
Simon Boucher-Harris (Renegade Photography)
Simon Chapman
Simon Duffy, Le Fregate Hotel & Restauarant
Simone, Nancy and Dougie Kelham
Sir Bradley Wiggins
Spicer and Partners
Spike Productions
St Pierre Park Hotel
Standard Chartered Group
Standard Chartered Trust (Guernsey) Limited
States of Guernsey
Stefan Bamton
Stephen Adams
Stephen Gibson
Stephen Lenfesty
Steve and Sally Le Page
Steve Collins
Steve Le Cras
Stuart Bisson
Sue Markham
Sueco Outside Catering (and the ananymous but honest waitress)


The Devotees
The Elizabeth College Tag Marathon Team (Jonty, Chris, Tom, Nathan, Tom, Louis, Ibrahim, Harvey, James, Aaron, Edward, Charlie and James) and Helen Mauger
The Family of the late Robin Roussel
The Family of the late William Stanford
The Guernsey Barclays Bank "Grow a Tash" team
The Guernsey Bicycle Group
The Guernsey Co-Operative Society
The Guernsey Tennis Club
The Masonic Lodges of Guernsey
The MUG Ambassadors
TPA Agency
The Pink Ladies
The Rockmount
The Victoria Arms Pub
Thomas Sarre
Tim Heales and Mariners Public House
Tim Nelson
Tony Frazier
Tony Tostevin
Trevor Mahy


Warren Mauger
Wasps RUFC
Wayfarers Travel
Wheadon House Sports & Socal Club


Zak Dammarell


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