News 05 August 2022

Thank you L'Ancresse Golf Club

A huge thank you to L'Ancresse Golf Club and Alan Mahy for the generous donation of £5237

With the help of your generous donation, MUG has purchased a new ultrasound probe for Guernsey, which has cost £8000.  This probe involves a new technique whereby the biopsies are taken through the skin of the perineum – Transperineal Prostate Biopsies.  This is advantageous in some men in improving the accuracy of the biopsy and reducing the risk of infection.  MUG are incredibly grateful!

As a further development, specific software will be purchased to allow a technique called fusion biopsies. This is where images from a pre-biopsy MRI are fused onto the ultrasound screen when taking the biopsy, allowing even greater accuracy and reducing the number of biopsies that need to be taken. This is state of the art technology and therefore expensive - £18,000. Again with your help, MUG is planning to purchase this when needed.

Finally, one further advantage is that previously men needing to have this procedure would have to travel to Southampton, and particularly with Covid, would have to wait a long time to have this done.  In ending the need for travel and diagnosis in the UK, this local investment by MUG will lead to a significant reduction in costs for Guernsey (taxpayers).


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