News 01 March 2022

MUG Mound 2022 Tidy Up!

A huge thanks to Raymond Evison and Ian Brown for making MUG Mound look spectacular for 2022.

MUG Mound refresh!

We are very grateful for the kind work of Raymond Evison and Ian Brown for giving MUG Mound a good tidy and refresh ready for Spring.  

MUG Mound is located at Salerie Corner and aims to draw attention to male cancers.  We noticed the mound, just like you might notice a lump and felt inspired to transform the mound into something to help remind people that we can't ignore cancer and to get any lumps checked out.

The Mug Logo is growing well and the first daffodils of spring are now starting to flower with and hundreds more to come.  A good sign that brighter days are ahead!

We'd love to see your photos of MUG Mound, please share on social media and tag us. 
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